Belt it!

Every woman wants to look thinner and everyone at The Blonde and The Brunette agree that belts can do wonders.  Remember the “fetish” episode on Astrid in Wonderland when we were obsessing about belts? So, here’s your quick style solution. When in doubt, add a belt to get  instant waist and curve appeal. Wow! That’s simple.

Personally, I love adding belts over a sweater or a dress to accentuate my curves. My favorite is a wide belt, worn high to give me a smaller waist.  To demonstrate my point, I’m using one of my favorite LBD’s to highlight  all the options. First, I dressed it up with a sexy, Herve Lerger cinched-waisted belt.That’s an instant oh-la la and 5 -10 pounds thinner look.

Another way to go that is equally smart and compelling is the “skinny belt.”  This is one of my favorite skinny belts because the spotted print adds a special detail while once again slimming my entire figure. It can be a more dressy look or ultra casual.  I typically wear it with long and short dresses or over a black pullover sweater. Last, there’s the modified cinch in a casual style using tassels as another slimming trick.

  • B-Low the Belt ‘Gigi’ $191
  • B-low the Belt Tassel Belt $191 Here is fun casual belt to add to a t shirt and jeans look.

Start by shopping your closet and then of course, it’s a perfect way to add a true investment piece to your wardrobe. It’s also a great holiday gift idea. It’s a cinch!

– Kathryn, The Blonde