Best Dressed Celebs At The Golden Globes


Thanks to Netflix, The Weinstein Company and Net Jets, I had quite the night at The Golden Globes from seeing all the best dressed actresses, enjoying Ricky Gervis and his acerbic comedy, to the viewing and after party. Like everyone else, I can’t resist picking and sharing my favorites Red Carpet looks. I thought this was a standout season. Elegant with a bit of edge. The night before fashion designer Monique Lhuillier tipped me off that we’d be seeing lots of color (and that could mean white or pale pink), pants, and capes. I also loved the more figure flattering looks that were great for the very rainy and chilly L.A. weather we are currently experiencing.  Besides color, there was a return to major jewelry especially diamond statement necklaces. Remember, these ladies are being paid huge sums to walk the carpet as (basically) paid advertisements so they need just the right dress to show off the jewels. Dramatic strappy, silver heels, a bright lip that matches the outfit, a bit of wave or a soignee updo, also seemed like the go-to accessory to finish the look.







Finally, you gotta love the New York Post, they estimated the average cost to dress a celeb for the Golden Globes. Take a guess. It’s $43,600 for everything from the “free” dress, “free jewelry” (and this year many of these necklaces and earrings were in the multi-million dollar range), hair, because of the cost of celebrity stylists, the “free” make-up also tied to celebrity make-up artists, and the cost for a celebrity stylist to dress the celeb.

Live From The Golden Globes Last Night,

NJ Goldston, The Brunette

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