Closets We’re Coveting: What Better Time To Spring Clean Than When You’re Stuck Inside

Here at The Blonde & The Brunette we are in full swing hard at work at HOME. We’ve all been focusing on our closets a bit more lately, and how we can downsize our wardrobe in 2020 & live a “simple” life. You can’t feel very stylish if your closet is cluttered. It weighs you down physically and emotionally. Organization and de-cluttering is the key. We’ve been scouring Pinterest as of late, and found a few dream closets we’re aspiring to have by summer. Clean, minimal, a bit of glam, and totally our style. The process works like this: Sell, organize, re-design. Start the process on your own, and then once we are able to re-convene our lives, look no further than Tori of Simply Simplify, who brings in a whole team & will have you dialed in within a matter of days. Our two favorite places to sell our treasured items to a new home are The RealReal and Vestiaire Collective. Finally, LA Closet Design by Lisa Adams is our go-to for a dream closet. It’s on NJ’s bucket list! What’s your dream closet look like?

Out with the old, and in with the new. Ready, set, organize.