Colored Diamond Collection From 77 Diamonds

OK. OK. Valentine’s and the Oscars is around the corner so maybe The Blonde & The Brunette are a bit transfixed on jewelry this week and next but, hey, Seventy Seven Diamonds – the world’s largest online shop for diamond jeweler – launched colored diamonds online this month!

This has turned out to be a natural response to the popular demand for colored stones in fine jewelery especially since not everyone wants a white diamond engagement ring. They launched a fantastic array of colored diamonds on their website. 77 Diamonds boasts the largest selection of certified natural fancy colored diamonds in the world online. Available in several hundred colors due to the large number of hues and shades caused by nature.

These colors are generated by a range of tiny particles inside the diamond: blue is caused by boron, yellow by nitrogen, while many other colors like brown and caused by lattice defects. The intensity of the color of the diamonds are graded from a range starting at fancy light through to fancy vivid at the top. If the diamond is combined with a very rare color, the diamond becomes a true trophy asset to collectors.

According to 77 Diamonds, colored diamonds have outperformed almost every other type of commodity investment over the last 10 years and have performed extremely well over a long period of time.  This is a combination of the fact that some colors are extremely rare and a growing consumer demand of this rare commodity is now outstripping supply. Use this special link at 77 Diamonds to review and compare stones by shape, color and price.  You’ll probably be as mesmerized as we about the possibilities.

NJ, The Brunette