Festival Accessories

It’s Festival Season.  Coachella is around the corner and you can just let your fashion style break loose. How do you stand out in a crowd?  Free People.  They have some of the best accessories around.  Stay tuned our Rock Festival Edition is on its way, but we thought these were worth grabbing while they are still available.

  • a.) Little Doe Adama Feather Headdress.  This is another lust.  A very special turquoise-dyed and striped feathered headdress with patterned fabric ties.  This will really release your inner bohemian.  If you dare. $438.
  • b.) Little Doe Wanderlust Feather Headdress. This is heavenly lust A blue-dyed tall feather headdress with purple velvet bottom ties and ivory leather leaf embellishment at bottom left corner. It takes extreme head dressing to the next level with this all natural, statement-making piece.  So does the price. $438.
  • c.) Suede Tie Feather Wrap.  Love this faux feather wrapped headband with either metal discs (the black version which is perfect for brunettes) or faux turquoise stones (the brown version which is perfect for blondes) all along the front. The suede ties easily wrap around your head and tie at the back for an adjustable fit.  The end of each tie has a bead detailing. $24.
  • d.) Aya Omura Crochet Sun Foot Tie. The multicolor hand crochet sun foot tie is a fun, bohemian accessories to throw on.  $58.
  • e.) Nail Wraps.  $8.
  • f.) Neon Fiona Flower Crown.  $28.
  • g.) Stazi Drop Gem Ankle Bracelet.  $18.
  • h.) Guatemalan Fringe Crossbody.  Available in Rose, Peach and Blue.  $48.

Check out the Free People Festival Shop for lots more options.

NJ, The Brunette