For The Men: Stylish Matching Socks & Boxers By Related Garments


OK, ladies (and gentlemen, if you’re reading), check this out. What would you think of a man that matched his underwear with his socks, perfectly? You’d think he either has too much time on his hands, or, on the other hand, you’d think he has impeccable taste. The latter being most likely if you’re dating a man who happens to be into this kind of thing. And luckily, Related Garments has taken matters into their own hands, and quite stylishly so.



Related Garments is the conceptualization of two LA-native brothers, David and Mike Appel. Being from Los Angeles, they’ve been exposed to a wide variety of culture, fashion, and entertainment, which directly inspired this particular idea and brand. I, for one, have always coordinated the colors of my undergarments, but never to this degree. But at the respectable price of $35 for two pairs of underwear and socks, why not try it and see if it’s a hit with the women? What do you think, ladies?


All in all, a commendable effort on brothers David and Mike. Their aim is to start your day off right in the morning with a dapper pair of undergarments, that will keep you comfy until the nighttime, when it really matters, if you catch my drift. I’ll end this article with a quote from the brothers that hit quite close to home for me, “We are related, our garments are coordinated, and we are all connected by one common thread.” Are you sold? If so, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign to undress to impress.

-David Soriano, Menswear Contributor