Geek Has Became The New Chic… Officially!


It was only a matter of time before geek became chic!
Gucci let us know it was okay to geek out when they gave us a breath of fresh air with their geek-chic ensembles on the Gucci Spring 2016 runway!




When I was a child, I would wear my mothers glasses around the house, usually bumping into walls because her prescription made it hard for me to see straight. I always wished I needed glasses, the same way I wished for braces. I’d like to think it’s the “wanting what you can’t have” mentality. Now, thanks to Gucci declaring geek chic as the next hottest trend, it seems the fashion world is saying yes to retro readers even if they aren’t being used for reading!





This is great news for those of you who already wear your lenses on a daily basis, and exciting for people like me who have always loved the look, but felt silly wearing readers because we never had a reason. The key to wearing a good pair of readers is there should be no hesitation. If you’re wearing the right pair, you’ll instantly know it! You can’t replicate the way a good pair of readers will transform you. So maybe you don’t need to wear glasses for vision’s sake, but for fashion’s sake, you can say “Yes, I need to wear glasses.” And you’ll be telling the truth.




There nothing sexier than a girl who’s got smarts, and is seems as if designers are finally picking up on that! Like Marilyn Monroe always said “I keep a pair of reading glasses nearby for when I want to play the sexy professor.


From Lady Gaga to Lana Del Rey, from Kendall Jenner to K.Stew, everyones on board with geek chic. 

Xx. Jadan Huter