DIMRS:Go Braless!

Got DIMRS; my favorite discovery (pronounced “dimmers”).  These are feather-light reusable silicone nipple covers that stay in place with just a drop of water.  They are completely invisible under any type of clothing, perfect for fitted tops, bathing suits, anything strapless or no bra at all. A drop or two of water and place them horizontally across the nipple.  Your body heat will activate DIMRS’ high quality hypoallergenic silicone to create a firm, natural seal.  They’re so lightweight you’ll forget you even have them on.  I’ve been using them for a while now and love them!

  • DIMRS are available in nude and cocoa. They go for $29.95
  • Nipstiks are perfect with swimsuits. They go for $37.95

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert