Go InfraRed For Spectacular Hair

I hate blow drying my hair but my mane is probably my favorite asset. I’ve been looking for years for a faster, better way. It’s turns out, you need to go InfraRed, as in an infrared blow dryer, to get spectacular hair with less time and energy.  Apparently infrared light infuses a gentle heat deep inside the hair cuticle, not on the surface of the hair shaft, decreasing drying time by half and if your hair is thoroughly dry at the root, then it also naturally styles better.

The triple whammy is this technique also eliminates the risk of hot spots, burns, and damage with its even heat distribution.  This way if you blow dry a lot you are damaging your hair less. There’s even one more benefit.  Incorporating antimicrobial properties via the Ultra Violet technology, an Infrared Blow Dryer helps to cleanse the hair as it dries, removing any bacteria or buildup leading to greater shine, smoother hair, and easier styling.

If you are wondering how I just suddenly discovered all of this. My husband clued me in by bringing home one home from the José Eber Salon in Beverly Hills. I think it was to help me get ready faster. I’m just saying. What’s amazing is I’ve known José for years and he never mentioned it to me. You catch my drift. It’s an investment, but I love the results.  With 4 variable speed and heat settings, you control the amount of heat you need for your hair type and it’s got an ergonomic handle. Available online or at the salon. José Eber InfraRed Blow Dryer. $149

Life just got a little easier. Thank you, Mark and José!


NJ, The Brunette