Gucci’s 2017 Cruise Collection Takes Over Westminster Abbey


A game changer. Remember we said it. Gucci is literally the new order of things to come for a new generation.  Iconic, season-less, and timeless, the signature red trim was habitually present during the Gucci Cruise 2017 runway show today at Westminster Abbey yesterday. The first runway show (ever) to be held at the iconic Gothic church, it was a rather fitting venue for this particular collection. The daring location was just as spectacular as the collection especially in the midst of a cruise circuit that seems to have one design house after another out doing each other for the perfect destination.


While the fashion house’s roots were still visible in the sea of floral chiffon, silk, and plaid, Creative Director Alessandro Michele has brought something a little more to the table with this assemblage. I tried for the better part of my morning to find a word to describe this collection in its entirety and I just couldn’t. But, NJ, our fearless Editor-in Chief- often says, “Sometimes more is more.In this instance nothing could be more appropriate. There is a distinguished abundance of British culture (namely the Union Jack jumper and headscarves), from the plaid skirts with oxfords, knee socks, and “geek-chic” cat jumpers, to the platforms that scream Spice Girls and the acid washed jeans, leather skirts, and fishnets reminiscent of the Punk era. “I love the English aesthetic; in a way I feel it is close to my own, a beautiful chaos, it is a powerful mix of the past and the present,” Alessandro Michele said of his inspiration. Even with all that attitude, Alessandro managed to flood the halls of the Gothic church with stunning Victoriana gowns in silk chiffon & satin, abounding ruffles, and of course the playful florals that are becoming a Gucci trademark. It used to be that keeping up with runway shows was more of a professional obligation than anything, but as fashion evolves, it’s moving away from “Where would you ever wear that?” to being able to envision myself wearing an entire look straight off the runway, and this latest collection has me counting down the days until it hits stores. But, first, before it even hits the racks, we’ll get an up close preview of this collection on the Red Carpet this Fall at the LACMA Art + Film Gala.



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Rachael. xoxo