Hats…On Hats On Hats On Hats

Hats of all shapes, colors and sizes.  I do believe you can’t go wrong if you’ve got the right hat!  Some girls love shoes.  Some love pants.  I love hats.

Hats used to be a very big trend back in the 20’s, but they have unfortunately died out since then.  What better way to ring in this summer than by bringing the 20’s back.  In recent weeks, I have been getting all kinds of complements on my collection of various tops, so I can only hope this means people have stopped being afraid of the brim, and are ready to bring hats back.

Here are a few ways in which I wear them, as well as a couple I have pulled off the internet, to help you begin a collection of your own!

From the classic fedora (only when you’re lounging by the pool) to a comfortable beanie (I practically lived in mine last summer riding around in the London rain!) to the bowler cap, and even the wide-brimmed billow hat.  There is always a hat for every occasion.

Xx. Jadan Huter