Hollywood Halloween

This year in entertainment is serving as a great source of inspiration for 2011 Halloween costumes.  And the best part?  Most of them are DIY!  Here are some of our favorite celebrity-inspired costume ideas:

  • a.) Classic Flight Attendant (for a Pan-Am-inspired look!) by Yandy.com $49.95
  • b.) Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone.  This is an easy DIY costume: just borrow a mens looser fitting tee, jacket and slacks and add a black wig and gold award statue! (Photo by Patrick McMullan.)
  • c.) Kate Middleton Wig by Headline Costumes.  Other pieces can be found separately.  Here are a few we found: veil ($28.78), ring ($19.99), tiara ($12.99), blue dress ($88).   This makes a great couples costume; just grab this Prince Charming costume for your guy.
  • d.) Katy Perry Wig by Headline Costumes $13.  Add some cute short-shorts and a bra or halter top and you’re all set!  MTV.com had some ideas for this costume.  But if you don’t have time to piece it together, we found this ready-made version.
  • e.) Nicky Minaj.  This is also a great DIY costume; MTV.com also posted some great ideas on how to execute this one. (Photo by Patrick McMullan.)
  • f.) Sue Sylvester “Glee” Costume Party City $44.99
  • g.) Black Swan by Yandy.com $155.95.  Also available in white.  If you’re on a budget, pick up the White Swan Eye Kit for $19.99 and add an inexpensive tutu or skirt (thrift stores are great for these) and any form-fitting tank, corset, bustier, etc.
  • h.) Princess Beatrice Hat by Headline Costumes $38

– NJ, The Brunette and Ashlee, Brunette Contributor