It’s A Showstopper: The Prada East/West Shearling Tote

Everyone knows I LOVE Prada and someone very special (really, really splurged) giving me the East/West (also referred to as the Monotone) shearling bag for my birthday a few months ago. It just turned cold enough to take it out of the beautiful felt bag and use as my winter tote. Rarely have I had such a reaction. I’ve been stopped in restaurants, on the street and in an elevator.  It’s large and some have even  nicknamed it “the bear”. It comes in black and a beautiful honey brown. Made of dyed shearling and suede with two open pockets and two zippered pouches,  it’s 19″ x10 1/2″ x 6″  and holds just about everything including my iPad. Check Prada Boutiques, Barneys or Saks. There might be a few left.

-The Brunette