Yummy:Jo Malone Limited Edition Fragrance Collection




We are craving something sweet just thinking about the new Jo Malone London 5 Limited Edition dessert inspired fragrances. Decadently irresistible and mouthwatering to say the least. It’s another great Mother’s Day gift.

Redcurrant & Cream Cologne: Sharp-scarlet juices of red currents, lush strawberries and raspberries, rippling through creamy musk. So very vivacious and enticing.


Elderberry & Gooseberry Cologne: Crushed, summer-green gooseberries, juicy with lychee, enfolded into the soft delicacy of elderflower.


Lemon Tart Cologne: Sparking with citrus fruits and verbena, contrasted with swirls of meringue and lemon thyme. Refreshing.


Ginger Biscuit Cologne. Three amazing combinations perfectly blended together. Spiced with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, melting into caramel. Butter-crumbly with roasted hazelnuts. Warmed by tonka bean and vanilla.


Bitter Orange & Chocolate Cologne: The bite of bitter orange, layered with dark chocolate. Orange peel counterpoised with warm, powdery cocoa, milky coconut and coumarin. Sumptuous and totally addictive.

Our secret fragrance tip! Layer and mix more than one. My new obsession is the Ginger Biscuit layered with the Lemon Tart.  Yumm. If you grab one online, $60 each, at Neiman Marcus by Monday, you can get a free tote.  Available at Neiman Marcus.

-Kathryn, The Blonde