Leisure-Luxe: Sweatsuits and Stilettos


None of us are strangers to the “athleisure” trend that crept up on us 2014 and by 2015 had all but taken over the world. I am currently in my office wearing some black Alo Yoga leggings, APL sneakers, an overpriced t-shirt, a grandma sweater, and some jewelry for good measure (mainly to offset the “just rolled out of bed” look) so trust me I will ride the athleisure wave as long as humanly possible. I’ve always opted for an “effortless” look, even when “effortless” takes two hours to put together. Big sweaters and even bigger heels, my number one go-to. Luckily for me, there has been A LOT of that going on in the fashion world lately and I think the AW16 runway shows have played a massive part in my new favorite “leisure-luxe” trend thanks to labels such as Yeezy (of course), Vetements,  Alexander Wang, McQueen, and some other rising stars. The term “athleisure” is all about being able to go to lunch in your favorite active and lounge wear and feeling like you’re still in style, while fashion’s top influencers have been known to sport their leggings or sweat pants with crop tops, leather jackets, and fancy sneakers topped off with a trendy leather baseball cap and some understated accessories. So, if leggings and sweatpants are okay for lunch, then theoretically, if paired with some heels they’re more than acceptable for a night out? A step above athleisure. Over-sized t-shirts and hoodies as dresses? Sweatsuits and stilettos? I vote yes. Since the Met Gala just happened and we’re all still pulling our chins off the ground over all the incredible looks of the evening, I would like to draw attention to one of my favorite after-party looks: Sofia Richie in a chic RtA Brand velvet sweatshirt dress, a pair of distressed over the knee boots, and a Ventrone Chronicles black velvet choker.

Leisure Luxe 1Leisure Luxe 2

Other top picks of mine include Selena Gomez head-to-toe in Vetements sweats paired with a pony tail & a pair of sweet and strappy white sandals, blogger Chiara Ferragini also in a Vetements hoodie with a leather mini barely peeking out, and a pair of serious patent leather over the knee boots, Kourtney Kardashian in Yeezy and of course Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots, Kendall Jenner in an oversized Givenchy t-shirt and Givenchy ankle boots, Rihanna in Dimepiece LA  sweats, a bomber jacket, a sleek ponytail and some sophisticated black stilettos, Bella Hadid in what appears to be her boyfriend’s camouflage shirt (hey, I do that all the time) and can you guess?…over the knee boots, and last but not least I’m bringing it back to Sofia Richie, wearing a Thrasher hoodie (I’ve been wearing these since grade school but apparently they’re now fashionable) and some distressed jeans with a pair of strappy sandals. This is yet another clue that women’s fashion is rebelling in a major way, which I’m sure is unsettling to some, and leaving others confused, but I for one am going to jump on the “leisure-luxe” train.

Leisure Luxe 3Leisure Luxe 4

Your dose of feather ruffling fashion trends brought to you by me, Rachael. xoxo