LIPEDEMA. The Body Disproportion Disease.

No one talks about it.  After receiving a special  birthday wish from Beau Dunn, the spokesperson for Cure Lipedema,  we are braking the code of silence, along with Beau, to speak out about this much misunderstood disease.  You may have it or someone close to you has it.  As Beau told The Blonde and The Brunette,

“I have been battling health issues for a few years now, and in late 2010 I was diagnosed with Lipedema. While traveling to New Zealand (a long plane flight) last year I realized how swollen my legs were from flying, and the pain that went with it was unbearable.  Lipedema is a poorly understood and under diagnosed disease, and that’s the most frustrating part.”

So, what is it it?  Lipedema is a rare adipose disorder that affects over 10% of women WORLDWIDE.  That is millions of girls.  It’s baffling, starts in adolescents and it is typically medically presents itself when a woman is a size 2 on top and a size 6-10 on the bottom, a huge disproportion. There is abnormal bilateral and symmetrical swelling of the legs and hips, and the fat is due to accumulations of fat and fluid from the lymphatic system.  It doesn’t matter if you stop eating, or work out numerous times a day; fat grows and there is no way of losing it.  If young girls catch it early, there are many things they can do to prevent the disease from changing the quality of life.

So as soon as Beau was diagnosed, she started CURE LIPEDEMA with Dr. Karen Herbst.  It is the first charity targeting awareness and information for patients with Lipedema.  So Beau’s recent birthday wish is for each of you to take a few minutes to go to the website and learn about Lipedema.  Her goal is to spread awareness, education, and to find a cure.  To hear Beau speak about this, check her out on YouTube. We hope you do.

– NJ, The Brunette