Louboutin(s) Of The Month

loubs-1 loubs-2 loubs-3

These pictures say it all. Either pair of these eye-popping Christian Louboutin Sakouette Face Polka-Dot Fabric Platform pumps or loafers will help you make an unforgettable entrance just like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. The famous 6″ Daffodil pump with hidden 2″ platform and his studded smoking slipper are both covered in a ‘yes, you can-can’ swirl-print and polka-dot fabric which even features the designer’s face on the toe! Hard to choose. Wearability (the slipper) versus statement style (the pump). Grab them while you can. Neiman Marcus has them available for pre-order. Yes, you read that right! Pumps are $1,075. Loafer is $695.

So which is your favorite? The pump or the loafer?


NJ Falk, The Brunette