Magnetic Lashes That Are Making A Splash In The Beauty World

Magnetic lashes are taking over the beauty world! They are the newest “it thing” to have as far as beauty accessories go, and we’ve put them to the test, and we’re obsessed! We tried out One Two Cosmetic lashes and instantly fell in love. One Two Cosmetics is the first and original magnetic lash! Their lashes are so lightweight and flexible, they fit right to your natural lash line, so you forget you have anything on! Gone are the days of ripping out your lashes with glue! These are as easy to take off as they are to apply, and only takes a few seconds!

We are officially fans of the magnetic lash, and probably will never go back! To find out more information about One Two Cosmetic and buy a pair of lashes for yourself, CLICK HERE.



-Lauren Cheek