Mirror Mirror On My… Phone?


Trying on makeup just received a 21st-century facelift!



L’Oreal just launched a beauty app called “Makeup Genius” that allows you to try on makeup without actually trying on makeup, right from the comfort of your couch. This isn’t just a mannequin look-alike. No, it is your actual face you will be applying the lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and blush too. Trippy huh?



You scan your face using your iPhone camera, AKA you take a #selfie. It then, essentially turns your phone into a mirror, allowing you to see what you look like with whatever products you choose. Get this, you can move!!! Smile, talk, pout, laugh, go outside, the product you chose stays put on your visual self as if you were looking in a magic mirror!


 The “Makeup Genius” app took over 10 years to develop and uses the same technology that transformed Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which won Oscars for both makeup and visual effects. That my fellow fashionistas, is how you know it’s good.

Have a drink or two, and you might think you’re actually wearing makeup!


Xx. Jadan