Nail Polish: Luxeffects Top Coats

There is one more super hot collection that has caught our fancy at The Blonde and The Brunette. Essie is introducing Luxeffects, a nail polish collection of 3 dimensional, sparkly, glittery, shimmering top coats.  The glitter flakes are different shapes and sizes creating a 3 dimensional effect on your nails.  Just apply one of the five shades on top of own nail polish:

  • “As Gold As It Gets” – Golden metallic sparkles in a milky base.
  • “Shine Of The Times” – Dazzling crystalline flakes.
  • “A Cut Above” – Light pink with diamond glitter in a clear base.
  • “Pure Pearlfection” – Fine white shimmery iridescence.
  • “Set In Stones” – Silver glitter disco mirror balls.

Try it out!  It’s fun to give your nails a new look.  Summer is here; and your nails will sparkle even more in the bright summer sun☺. OK, we just have to ask, again: What’s your favorite color?

$8 each at or

– Astrid Bryan