Nailed It! The Classy New Spin On Nail Art


 While most people look at the clothes during NYFW, we can’t help stare at the model’s hands. If we are lucky, runway nail art is often a show of its own, details often rivaling some of its clothing counterparts.

NailArt1 NailArt4NailArt3

Then we got a beauty (or should we say nail flash) a few months ago. As far as my manicurist was concerned, the popular nail art trend was fading, lazy girls rejoiced, and my manicurist tried to talk me into going back to the basics. Apparently it was no longer cool to creatively decorate your phalanges. Nail art had sighed its last breath, headlines were declaring the trend “over,” and I was heartbroken.


Just as everyone seemed to be putting the paint brush down, I got word of the spring ’15 runway shows at New York Fashion Week. Wait a minute, those headlines were all wrong! Nail art never died, rather it just got a classy New Year’s makeover! Simple lines, neutral color schemes, and just as much artistic touch as the last batch! Plus lots of NJ’s signature white!


We rounded up our favorite fingers from Fashion Week and couldn’t wait to share them with you! They seem to include a lot of negative space and subdued designs. I am all about bolds and bright colors myself, but I am actually LOVING the minimalist take on this trend. I’ve been calling 2015 the “less is more” year, and look here, according to the fingernails, it seems to be the simple truth!

Xx. Jadan Huter