No Fuss Beach Waves Wherever You Are

If you’re heading out to the desert for round 2 of Coachella, we applaud you. You might also be looking for some no-fuss hair products to keep that mane looking good in all that dust. Enter our new favorite haircare line, Playa Beauty. Their safe and natural products are doing wonders for our hair and we like the cool beachy vibe about the company. Their products give us those effortless beach waves and their dry shampoo is a must. Especially for this weekend, it will be a lifesaver. “Our team of experts spent years researching alternatives to the harmful ingredients so often found in salon products. We’ve thoughtfully combined natural oils and botanicals with hand-selected clinically active ingredients for products that are truly transformative.” Says Shelby Wild the founder and creator of Playa Beauty. We defiantly notice the difference.



-Lauren Cheek