With A New Year Comes New Resolutions From The B&B Team.


New Year’s Eve has always been a time for reflecting on the past, and more importantly, looking forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make, and resolve to follow through on those changes.

We’re each focusing on a max of three resolutions this year. Apparently, only 8% of the total population follow through on their promises, and it seems the more resolutions you make, the harder they are to keep. By making realistic resolutions, there is a much greater chance you will keep them throughout the year. Do you see any of your own resolutions on one of our lists?

Jadan: I started working on my resolutions early this year, and made them all very attainable. As I get older, I’ve begun to realize not everything has to be perfect, I don’t have to be perfect, and flaws and a constant set of goals to work towards are what make life a beautiful game.

1. Hone in on my cooking skills and incorporate a new recipe into my dinner rotation each week. This goes hand in hand with cutting out processed foods and cutting way back on my daily intake of sugar!

2. Focus more time and energy on the things that truly feed my soul.  Traveling is a big one, I’d love to get to Iceland before the year is over. Reading is another one, and unfortunately I didn’t do much of it this year. There is nothing more therapeutic than getting lost in a good book. I’d also love to spend more time sketching, hiking and surfing. I learned to surf this past summer, and can’t put into words the thrill it gives me!


3. Spend less time on social media and more time living in the moment. This is a tough one for me. In 2016 I am going to put my phone aside more often and focus on the present (heck maybe even try and go a whole weekend without it). This year, it really hit home to me how short life is and how important it is to appreciate each and every moment we are given.



Lauren: It feels like the older we get, the faster the years go by. 2015 flew by! Now as we wrap up the end of this year and look forward to 2016, I’ve been really thinking…What can I do to really better myself for the new year? With that in mind, I started writing down my resolutions! (btw, it’s always been really helpful for me to physically write down my goals and hang them up somewhere I will see them every day!)

1. Having more balance in my life. Between work, friends, boyfriend, and trying to somewhat have a social life – I struggle with having a good balance! This year, I am going to focus on dividing up my time wisely, and realizing ‘you can’t do it all!


2. Being more spontaneous! Whether it’s a spontaneous trip, or just a random day out adventuring! It’s the fun random times that we remember and love most!


3. Eat cleaner & continue to work out. Last year I set a goal to start living a healthier lifestyle, and Im proud to say i’ve actually done that! So this year, I want to continue my workout goals and add eating cleaner to my resolutions! It’s something I’ve always struggled with (I mean I love food!) and it ties into my 1st resolution of having more of a balance! After all, you are what you eat! 😉


NJ: Last year was a turning point for me. It was all about getting back to basics from getting organized and sticking with it to adding a consistent exercise routine to turning off my phone and adding experiences. This year is about taking it to the next level.  I need to stick with it.

  1. Continue to Simplify My Life. Let go of even more. This is always very emotional for me but I found the more I let go, the lighter and better I feel. I was more on time and I enjoyed the the things I had. Life got better. In my case, I needed professional help. It was an emotional journey through the loss in my life. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Tori Springer, the founder of Simply Simplify. She’s given me the tools to stay on course. She not only organizes you but gives you systems to discard the emotional baggage. It’s not just things and the ones I love and cherish, it’s the clutter in your head.  She’s coming back in January to get me closer to a dream closet. The journey is ongoing.


2. Diverse my exercise routine. I actually stuck with my resolution to exercise more ( I made the 8%!) all year long. I was always a big walker. It’s my favorite exercise especially in the Hollywood Hills. Last year I added slo-mo strength training. This has changed my life.  Strong feels like the new skinny to me. Twice a week I head to Pure Strength in Studio City for my sessions. I  feel stronger and more empowered. This year I need to add yoga. It’s literally time to stretch.


3. Enjoy The Moment. I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences this past year from front row seats at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, attending The Met Gala (again!!), openings and dinners to the privilege of being outfitted in everything from Dior to Louis Vuitton.  I still have that crazy inner dialogue running in my head. Stop overthinking everything. It’s so counterproductive. Live in the moment. I’m one lucky girl.


We’d love to hear what your planning to do in 2016!

Xoxo. With Love, The Blonde & The Brunette Team