NJ’s April Must Have’s


I’ve been a bit surprised by what’s caught my fancy this month’s fashion must have’s. Maybe because the first warm days of spring and a crazy schedule combined with rainy weather have me going in different directions. I’ve been thinking about what will perk up my wardrobe and help me unwind plus my latest techie obsession. See if you agree.  Here are my five favs for April.




1. Backpacks

Suddenly, making a much deserved comeback, backpacks are once again on my radar. Can’t figure out which one grabs my fancy the most. The Fendi Monster, the return of the famed Gucci with the double “G,” or the classic Prada now with a fringe. By the way, gotta go with a black one. It’s a forever statement.




2. LuMee

Yup. The perfect selfie secret. Just “LuMee” yourself. I have the Founders to thank for illuminating me and so does Kim K.



   3. Anything Pink

I’m obsessing over pink this Spring and just want it in my fashion life. As a girl who wears so much black, this soft touch of color is everything.  My lust is the Marni embellished crop top. I can’t get it out of my head. My runner-up is the Gucci Pussy Bow top.  Being more practical, with my fast paced life as an editor, my top pick is a statement bag that also actually does the heavy lifting. I am suddenly in love with the new Balenciagia Papier A6 Mini Zip-Around tote in what else but Rose Orchid. I will literally zip-around with it, or in a J. Crew cashmere sweater with an updated slimmer fit. About time. I’d layer it under my moto and wear with jeans.



4. Calm is Cool

I’m just going to say what you’re not supposed to say. I’ve been a bit stressed lately. I won’t download but I have a new relaxation tool at my fingertips. The PAUSE app.  Quite simply you can release stress and regain focus.  It’s the perfect way to literally calm yourself down in under 10 minutes. Just hit PAUSE.



5. Two New Couch Potato Must Sees

I’ve been waiting months for the second season of Outlander to arrive (along with every hot blooded gal on the planet). Welcome back Claire and Jaime.  With that guaranteed, I’m pretty sure my next new obsession is going to be The Girlfriend Experience with our very own special friend and girlfriend to The Blonde & The Brunette, Riley Keough. So I’ve got Saturday and Sunday night weekend late night viewing covered.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette