Our New Year’s Resolutions

NJ, The Brunette: It’s still the same. Unclutter  my life and continue to work on being on time and clean out my closet. I’ve made progress this past year but still have a ways to go.

Kathryn, The Blonde: Less time on the phone! And no more texting in front of people!

Ashlee: Since we’ve moved into our new house, we’ve attempted taking on a lot of small home improvement tasks ourselves.  Typically, I find a great how-to online with the intention of tackling fill-in-the-blank project on my own, without my husband.  About 2 steps in, I get frustrated and it quickly becomes his project. This year, I’d like to learn a few more basic handyman skills in order to take on some of the projects currently at the top of my to-do list: new iron handrails and spindels, tiled stair risers and new laminate wood flooring (okay, this one might be a little too ambitious).

Jadan: This will be my year to learn something new! Whether it be going back to school, taking an art class, signing up for sailing lessons, or even just learning myself better. This will be my year of expansion and exploration. I believe, you’re never too old to stop learning, and its never to late to shoot for the stars!

Photo source: jenniferdwyer.ca

Kate: As I am really good at hating parts of my body or being annoyed that I didn’t execute something PERFECTLY, this year I promise to be nicer to myself.  When it comes to being hard on Kate, I am the best at it.  I feel like if I am nicer to myself, I’ll be motivated to be nicer in general.  Oh, and I will also be fully, 100% attacking my career goals.  It’s time to get serious!

Astrid: Workout more! I have not done any cardio in the last 9 months,…. I will try to go to the gym 3 times a week for at least 20 min. :0) By the way, there’s an app for your iPhone. Gym-Pact . It rewards and penalizes its users according to their gym membership. Miss a day? Fined. Frequent the gym and surpass your goals? Rewarded.


The Blonde & The Brunette Team