Plant A Seed This Summer & Father’s Day

When I came across the Seeds of Life company, I instantly thought, “Wow, what an incredibly beautiful idea!”  Naturally, I had to share.  This is a perfect gift for those in your life that already seem to have everything.  Perfect for a grandparent, who appreciates memories more than just your average keepsake, or a perfect Father’s Day gift (and it is just around the corner on June 17th).  Not to mention, an incredibly special gift to share with your “special someone” as a symbol of watching your love grow! Or plant a tree when a new baby is born!

“Seeds of Life™ was established to give unique trees to our clients as a simple yet meaningful gift. Aided by years of farming experience, we serve our clients with healthy trees ready to thrive in every environment. Once the trees are mature, we package each one with an attention to the fine details that make each tree a unique, special gift. Our professional staff will be happy to select the correct tree for the recipient’s growing region and will send each tree as a gift that will make your loved one smile upon arrival. We guarantee each tree is healthy and ready to grow into a legacy tree with the chance to last hundreds of years.
– Company Website

Take a look at the Seeds of Life website, browse the various trees, occasions, etc.  Don’t just give a gift, plant a life!

Xx. Jadan Huter