Red Carpet: Savage Beauty at The Met Costume Institute Gala

I’ve caught my breath and had a chance to reflect on the fashion parade that unfolded last night at The Met. The winners and losers have already been selected and flashed around the world at a staggering speed and it’s almost old news. Instead, I thought I might comment on some of the trends I witnessed firsthand, and a few tidbits.

First, many of the gowns worn last night are samples or previews of the Fall collections.  Being there in person gave me a greater sense of how Fall is going to unfold.  We’ve entered an era of modern elegance for the next season accented by trains, trains, trains. It will be interesting to see if this translates into a real trend; but, it is a gorgeous one.  I can’t imagine many woman can actually wear an enormous train to an event.  The celebrities in this look carefully and gracefully made their way through the event and I didn’t see a single instance of anyone stepping on a train.

Fabulous ballgowns. From Giselle and Taylor Swift to Christina Ricci, I saw gowns that flattered their figures without overwhelming them.  They were more controlled on the top with beautiful cinched waists, yet simple and elegant in their architecture.  The fabrics, many in lace, were the key to the look, often with dramatic trains.  Also, less jewelry; but what they did wear was important statement pieces.

Nude columns and gowns with sequins or black lace. I loved this look on everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker (in vintage McQueen) to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Beautifully Pregnant.  Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson were stunning in there choices.  Again, shimmering nudes or silvers working beautifully.  They glowed as every expectant mom should.

Savage and bridal. Of course, there were a few out-there moments, including the slightly off-the-mark “tuxedo” look and Fergie channeling an over the almost bridal look.  But, in general, there were very few fashion missteps and a beautiful parade of white with Daphne Guinness in the feather McQueen.

In the “we are all the same” category.  Jennifer Hudson spent most of the event on her blackberry; Jessica Alba and others were so excited to see Florence Welch and The Machine perform that they were videoing the performance on their iPhones.  And, the ladies room was crowded with celebrity smokers…and I won’t name names.  As soon as (or before) the performance was finished Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony were exiting as quickly as they could.  Just like you and me, they are tired at the end of a long day and want to go home or unwind in a more casual environment.

It was quite a night and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have enjoyed every moment.

– NJ, The Brunette