Resort 2014: New York State Of Mind




Sometimes it just takes me time to absorb everything. I mean everything. Resort 2014 rolled in and the shows are still fast and furious. I began to think about many of the collections, and I am not done, but once again, I love everything about Lanvin, Alber Elbaz and how he is always at the epi-center. He reads the pulse of women, how they move in the world and intuitively creates exactly what we are all thinking. Then he talks about it!

This time, it’s all about lifestyles. Maybe of the rich and famous, but certainly about different points during the day, the year, the arc of our complicated, often pseudo fashionable lives; and maybe, just like Sheryl Sandberg, he’s telling us to “lean in” to fashion and ourselves.


These days you’re more likely to get married more than once. You have a job interview or not. A meeting with your divorce lawyer or as few us may experience, “you’re on a yacht with your husband’s friends and all they talk about is money.” What’s even more likely, you want to stand out at that party, that club, a particular moment in time. Whatever. Elbaz has envisioned how you can do it.  No wonder he and you may just be #1.


Not to be out done, Alexander Wang played with pleats and darts then startled us with pink! Pink!  Explaining he wantedsomething sweet but almost saccharine with candy wrappers (which has ironically been a subliminal theme in a few collections) as a reference point.”  This was then beautifully balanced with exquisite proportions in low-slung, baggy leather pants, a leather cheerleader miniskirt, and a stunning leather top with batwing sleeves. These are basics we love and pray retailers really order.

I’ve also started falling in love with the work of J.W. Anderson (maybe because he has initials like me). More likely because he has been on a roll with fresh proportions and new shapes. Dramatic and wearable. My ultimate personal test for any collection.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette