Resort 2014: Trend Report



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After sorting through dozens and dozens and dozens of resort collections for the last few weeks, we’ve selected our favorite trends that we actually think you’ll wear and we hope (fingers crossed) retail buyers might just bring into stores. The fashion press has a slightly different list but as usual, I’m going out on a limb. Just my nature!

My personal favorites are things that have long been on my wish list for day wear but always seemed almost inappropriate. No longer. Sparkle for day. Metallics. Crop-trops. Mini-skirts and shorts (depending on your age) and lace. Old favorites are back in new ways with low-slung baggy trousers suddenly looking fresh again in dressy fabrications and denim.

The black bootie seems even more essential to many of the looks along with barely there hair and make-up. The colors are either great graphic black and white or vibrant neon shades, muted tones, nauticals, bold tropical prints, and elements of webbing or appliqués. Fresh wardrobe choices.

We’re so obsessed with Resort 2014 expect more, more, more from us.

NJ, The Brunette