Saddle Up For The Ponytail

The ponytail has always been a classic, as well as a favorite of  The Blonde & The Brunette. Although, I’m sure when most of you think of a “ponytail”, you think of the gym, or the days you sleep in too late leaving yourself no time to fix your hair. Think again! Not only have ponytails been a recent trend on the red carpet, but this Fall, we are seeing this style all over designer runways such as Alexander Wang, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and even Vera Wang herself.

A quick and easy way to match the runway models in five minutes or less? This style is definitely BnB approved!

  • Wear it high towards the crown of your head and wrap a twist of hair around the elastic band.
  • Wear it low at the base and add a chic silk ribbon or a headband to the look.
  • Wear it straight back and center wrapping 1/4 of the pony around the elastic band to bring the pony out away from the head.
  • Slick Back Pony add a classic touch to every outfit.  Add a light mist of hairspray if you are having trouble securing any loose hairs.

Jennifer Lopez has been sporting this soft, tousled look for years, not to mention looks flawless every time.  Blake Lively is another one who wears this look well. Her recent favorite has been the ponytail-braid, which is the perfect young and flirty way to wear this ponytail trend.

Oh! And don’t you worry boys.  If you are feeling left out, feel free to take tips from a few of our gorgeous favorites Zach Efron, Josh Holloway, Tom Brady and even the man himself, Karl Lagerfeld.  If they can pull it off, you can too!

Xx. Jadan