Some Saturday Inspo: The Dare To Dream Photo Series


It’s the perfect collaboration.  Famed photog Gray Malin , a B & B favorite, known for “traveling the world snapping the most luxurious beaches and pools from a bird’s eye view”,  just branched out with his latest work.  Aptly titled the  Dream Series , it’s his unique way of supporting the Make-A-Wish-Foundation while sending an important message about standing out in a crowd. It has quickly captured our hearts plus everyone near and far.


If you’re as surprised as us, Dream Series is a refreshing departure from his signature aerial photography. Inspired by a Scottish sheep farmer, Gray takes us on an imaginative journey full of vibrant color and breathtaking surroundings. A lover of animals, Gray worked to pursue his concept of giving ordinary, often overlooked sheep a way to shine.  Malin explained,“We are individuals, and we should not be afraid to bare our true colors, dare to dream, and shine for all to see.


Gray shot the series to inspire people to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Of special note is none of it is photoshopped. Traveling to rural Australia where he worked with a third generation family of sheep farmers, don’t worry, each sheep was professionally misted with a vegetable based, non-toxic and rinsable dye to give a bright hue, he created these heartfelt, emotive images.


Each piece is individually named from “Dream” to “Double Rainbow”, “Purple”, “Pink” or “Green” sheep to “Standing Out in A Crowd” and more. Honestly, it’s hard to select a favorite.


As if you needed any more reason to love this project, 20% of all proceeds from the sale of Malin’s “Dream Series” photographs will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants children facing life-threatening medical conditions a wish. The whole project, it’s true, is pretty magical. Malin confessed, “Bringing this body of work to life has been a dream-come-true for me; but the most important aspect of each image is to incite others to wander from the flock and pursue their own aspirations. To all of those who dream, believe in the impossible because I am proof, it is possible.” Every image is available for purchase. Make a child’s dream come true.

Xx. Jadan Huter