Sideshow Sign Co.

I came across Sideshow Sign Co. about 3 months ago, and have been admiring Luke Stockdale’s work ever since. Sideshow Sign Co. makes brilliant Marquee signs that feel as if they are 100+ years old!

Luke told us “Sideshow Sign Co. specializes in giant throwback vintage prints and light-up marquee letters influenced by the entertainment industry, science, and antiquarian educational material. Everything I make is carefully aged and expertly wired, made from fine art canvas or salvage wood and bent steel, speed rusted and banged-up proper.

From Australia and now residing in Tennessee, Luke is lighting up his path! In the meantime, I must get my hands on one! What should it say? …B&B? What would YOURS say? Don’t you just have to have one especially if you ever wanted your name or a special message in lights.
Xx. Jadan Huter