“Sneak” Into High Fashion


It’s absolutely freezing everywhere so we just had to bring you a “hot” trend from LA.  A shoe trend that doesn’t hurt our feet. First, we’ll back pedal.

Isabel Marant introduced the first sneaker wedge in 2010, which became a worldwide trend almost as quickly as it waned out. Let’s be honest, the thought of wearing sneakers on a night out was music to my ears, but I just couldn’t get into the “wedge.” Call me old fashioned, but they looked a little too space-agey for me.

Now for the good stuff. As we all know, when one trend goes out the window, another is waiting in the wings. Judging by the assortment of recent street style pics, fashion campaigns, and celebrity snapshots, we’re guessing the slip-on’s and classic sneakers are the new sneaker wedge.

Halelujah! Take a peek at a few of our favorite high-fashion slip ons.


1.) Marc by Marc Jacobs – Floral-Print Canvas Slip-On Sneakers $173.00

2.) Prada – Studded Slip-On $435.00

3.) Marc by Marc Jacobs – Slip On Lace Sneakers $248.00

4.) Aldo – Mara $80.00

5.) Vans Classic Checkerboard $47.00

6.) Celine Slip Ons – Only sold in stores


Now THIS is a trend I hope sticks around! What’s not to love about wearable, foot friendly sneakers. P.S. Everyone in LA is paring their sneaks with leather pants in our version of cold weather.

Xx. Jadan Huter