Spring Into Pink

I blame everything good that has happened to my wardrobe in the past year on Alessandro Michele taking the helm at Gucci. He stepped up with bold colors, cool textures, and single handedly made pink cool again.

Pink, a color once associated with only the most feminine of women, and seen predominately on the likes of Paris Hilton and Barbie, has been reclaimed and reimagined. Many of us have done our best to boycott pink hues since it was shoved upon us in the womb. I think the rebellious “I don’t wear pink” statement most of us made when we hit puberty was a way to distance ourselves from the girly norm. It’s about time pink was taken back from the girly girls. From fushia, to peach to everyone’s favorite dusty rose, 50 shades of pink are now positioned at the center of every designers spring aesthetic, and everybody wants a piece.


Jadan Huter