Sweatpants: The Biggest Fashion Trend In The Time Of Corona

On day four of my social isolation—or was it day seven or eight? Who the hell knows anymore? I tried wearing a nice spring dress. I thought maybe it’d help me feel happier and more like myself. Instead, It just made me sad and wish I was heading to brunch with my girlfriends. I’ve since gotten a system down where some of my sweatpants are designated for lounge, while the other, nicer pairs are for “the office” a.k.a. the makeshift desk I constructed in my kitchen.

I don’t think any of us prepared for such a sweatpants-forward working environment, and I sure know I wish I had more comfortable options to choose from, so before they sell out (like Purell and toilet paper) below are a few of my favorite lounge pants to get you through this very weird time in life.

x Jadan