Taking Hollywood Hair By Storm : The Boxer Braid


I think it’s safe to say we can no longer call braids a “trend.” These days, they are a tried-and-true staple in every girl’s beauty routine, and each season the hair pro’s show us an inventive new way to style them. Thanks to the Kardashians (and NJ was at the annual Xmas party when Kim and North West debuted their adorable mother-daughter look), this has been the summer of the boxer braid, so that’s what today’s focus is on! Whether you’re a fishtail, cornrow, or boxer-braid gal, the days of not knowing what to do with your hair are officially over! Braids are a foolproof way to rock your locks and get creative.


As temperatures rise, we’ve spotted them on Kim K to Beyoncé, and now suddenly boxer braids are summers hottest hair accessory. They may have been born in the (boxing) ring (we think), but now they’re the new alternative to the topknot 2.0. From the gym to the mall, or even to an evening out, this style will accomplish it all. Personally, I think braids have always been type cast as a more feminine hairstyle, so I love that this years boxer braid serves as a sportier edition. From edgy to chic, we can all agree that this style is all sorts of functional.


After a little braid-spiration, it’s time you hop on the braid bandwagon. With a little hairspray (Secret Weapon, by NJ) and a lot of practice, you can rock the edgy but elegant boxer braids alongside your favorite stars. There are three steps to a great fishtail or boxer braid. 1. For a smooth line, use a tail comb to section off your locks. 2. Split your hair into two loose sections and decide where you prefer your part. MAke sure to secure teh sections with clips or elastic bands 3. Losing one section at a time, take a piece from the left strand, cross it under, then merge with the right strand. Then take a piece from the right strand, cross it under, then merge with the left stand. Continue this all the way down.

You’re now ready for the dog days of summer.

Jadan Huter and NJ Goldston