The Bell Sleeve Is Back!


It seems the 70’s are taking over more than just a couple trends in our closest! In fact, the 70’s seem to be encompassing our entire wardrobes as of late. I can’t say that I’m mad about it! Just as we’ve begun to see flared jeans make a comeback on the street style scene, it seems bell sleeves are also having a moment.


My mother always told me, “hang on to your roots!” In other words, always keep a few key pieces of your wardrobe that aren’t necessarily current classics, but might just come back around. I think she been so firm about this piece of advice, because she see’s me going out and buying cheap remakes of all the pieces she used to wear, and it kills her to think about the vintage collection of covetable pieces she mindlessly gave up! Bell sleeves being one of them!


I can’t get enough of this flirty, free-spirited look. It’s the perfect pairing to add some drama to just about anything! The first time I ever put on a bell sleeve ensemble, I was probably around four or five years old. The way the fabric flowed delicately over my wrists made me feel like a princess capable of anything! Obviously I didn’t keep my attire from that age, but when I saw bell sleeves were making a resurgence, I was immediately whisked back to the days of fairy tales and butterflies and believing anything is possible. Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic!

We’ve even spotted this trend all over the runways and red carpet. This old trend-turned-new is definitely making a strong come back in the fashion industry including actress Riley Keough sporting it on the recent Mad Max Red Carpet to the runways of New York Milan, and Paris.


You can never go wrong with a clean white, black, or cream bell-sleeve dress and or top. There is something about a woman walking in with a statement sleeve that is just so stunning. Perhaps because it’s so unusual!

Here are a few of our favorites this season:

Xx. Jadan Huter