Get Hair Like Jennifer Anniston


If Jennifer Aniston gets behind something you know it has to be good.  We recently discovered her hair secret. Living Proof.  The company was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by world-class biomedical scientists and leading hair stylists, with the purpose of applying advanced technology to solve beauty’s toughest challenges from smoothing hair to eliminating frizz . Those are #1 and #2 on our please help me with my hair list.

Recently, Aniston joined Living Proof as co-owner and haircare spokesperson and we could not be more sold on this line. We’ve seen it pop up at LA’s hottest hair salons and have tried it for ourselves. I”m on my second and third bottles of some of my favorites! The whole collection is amazing.Click here to shop the entire line. These are a few of our favorite all-star products:


Living Proof  even taught us how to blow out our own hair for better results. We just had to share their advice.

1. Start with clean, damp, detangled hair courtesy of their shampoo and conditioner.


2. If you want to achieve lift and height, first spray 5-10 pumps of the Full Root Lifting Spray directly at the roots of damp hair. Comb through.


3. Then, dispense a dime sized amount of Full Thickening Cream. Tip: To gauge the correct amount, try dispensing it first onto your fingertip. If it doesn’t fit, you’re using too much.


4. Then rub Full Thickening Cream between the palms of your hand and apply starting just beyond the roots, working it down to the ends.


5. Comb through again, and style using a round brush and blow dryer.


6. For best results, divide hair into sections and thoroughly dry each section, keeping it gently taut around the bristles as you brush your hair up and away from your scalp. For a more relaxed look, apply Full  Thickening Cream as directed above and let hair air-dry by tousling with fingers as it dries.


For a more relaxed look, apply full as directed above and let hair air dry, tousling with your fingers as it dries. Aniston is literally “living proof” and now you can be too!

-Kathryn, The Blonde