The Boho Globe-Trotter


The boho globe-trotter is a women who is not afraid of change, she embraces it. Her style is eclectic, but still very put together. She’s a nomad by nature and always looks chic.

B&B is currently loving this style, and in our option, ShopBop has nailed it when it comes to putting this look together!


From flowing maxi dresses, to baggy ripped up shorts. This look is a gives off a very casual, but cool essences. It’s all about simplifying the outfit, and maximizing the accessories. For example, a white plain maxi dress paired with the perfect hat, and loaded with lots of rings and layered necklaces. It’s the perfect look for summer, and B&B picked out some of our faves, so you don’t have to look very far to jump on the boho bandwagon.


-Lauren, The Blondette.