The New Social Sharing App: Selfbee


Maybe because it’s a long holiday weekend, summer is officially underway, and many of us at the B & B are about to start fun summer vacations, we decided to find a better way to share all of our adventures. We found a new app: Selfbee, it’s kind of a new wingwomen or wingman for our crew. It offers an innovative and interactive platform for sharing special moments while staying connected through selfies. It’s a new, very personalway to stay connected and engage with friends and the ones you love from all over the globe.

The way it works is quite simple.  You can snap and categorize personal photo moments of where you are, what you are doing, or something inspiring to share with the members of your “hive.” The pictures serve as updates to keep your fellow hive members clued in to all your specific moments  and all the unique happenings in everyone’s lives.


So if you love fashion, luxury, travel, and great spots to dine and or shop, what better way to share it than with your very own beehive. Selfbee is now available on iPhone devices.


The Blonde & The Brunette Team