The TeaTox


When I first heard all the buzz about the “TeaTox” I was excited, but slightly confused. I love tea, and am naturally a tea drinker, but the “detoxing” part of it sounded a little bit intimidating. I was not down to try a detox where all I could eat/drink for 14 days straight, was tea! But after getting more informed, I too, was hooked on the TeaTox!

The intricately balanced herbal blend of teas will nourish and cleanse your system, helping it replenish and restore back to it’s natural state. The TinyTeas assist not only with cleansing your body, but also helps reduce weight and bloating, while increasing digestion, skin clarity, and even your energy levels! Anything that can do all that, in one tiny tea bag, is worth a try for me!

So I took the plunge, and ordered my first box of TinyTea, The 14 Day Teatox. How it works, is you are suppose to drink a tea with every meal, three times a day! Sounded easy enough. The first day was great, I actually really liked the taste of the tea, and it was a nice change up from my morning coffee. As the days went on, I grew more and more fond of my new found love. After a couple days, I even learned a few tips to enhancing the taste. Adding a squirt of honey, and a dash of lemon, gave this tea just the right amount of sweetness, making it an easy go-to drink for any meal. Among with the great taste of the tea, came the great effects it had!

After just a few days of drinking the tea, I noticed a huge increase in my energy level and a new conciseness of being more aware of eating healthier! My weight then followed, I could tell that I started to never get bloated, and I was more easily loosing weight, without even really doing much!

I am a huge fan of the tea, and will defiantly continue to order more! In fact, after just being sold out completely in the USA, I am practically jumping at the chance to re-order now that they are finally back in stock!  Get yours while they’re still in! And what better way to start off the New Year, and those New Year Resolutions, then maybe making the healthier swap of your regular soda or coffee, to a healthy tea!

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-Lauren, The Blondette.