Tiffany First Look

Photo credit: Tiffany & Co./Carlton Davis

We love when we get a First Look at special jewelry that transcends into a work of art.  Tiffany just designed and released a one-of-a-kind dazzling bracelet of 59 oval, marquise, pear-shaped and cushion-cut fancy intense Tiffany Yellow Diamonds and a trove of white diamonds. Totaling over 100 carats, these exquisitely faceted stones create a sparkling cobblestone path dappled with sunlight. They even named it. If you’re interested, just ask for The Sun Dance.  This will add major sparkle to any girl’s life.  We can all secretly wish. For more information, contact Francesca Madeo at Tiffany’s in New York at 212.277.5928 or David Moreno in Beverly Hills at 310-273-8880.

NJ, The Brunette