Top Halloween Costumes:Victoria’s Secret & More For You And Your Guy

It’s that time of year, if you live in Hollywood, you might actually see many of these costumes at a Halloween party. So if you secret desire is to be a sexy little angel, mobster, sergeant, Santa or prefer to go undercover, then your first stop has to be Victoria’s  Secret.  We also know, for a fact, if you are looking for your very own pair of angel wings, stunning mask or other alternatives in special costumes, you might want to call or stop by Portofino in Beverly Hills. 310-276-8855.

For you your guy, Captain America, Batman, Blago, or in this tight election year, a Barack or Mitt mask. All available at  For a super scary experience, don’t forget about Universal Studios Horror Nights. Our very own Kate is performing as part of the “Walking Dead”



NJ, The Brunette