Trendy Summer Braids To Try!


Braids are the perfect summer go-to for an easy, yet chic hairstyle! We’ve been spotting the look more and more around LA including seeing many a celeb rock the go-to style (like our fave Kylie Jenner!). Why now? Hmmm. We figured out they became de riguer seemingly overnight and traced it back (not very far) to when they suddenly took off at this years Coachella festival out in Indio, CA. Hipsters and socialites everywhere were sporting the trend! We even spotted Kylie Jenner’s rainbow pigtail braids on Day 2, that definitely made a statement, and just had to try it ourselves. Heat + Summer=Braids

To watch a great video on doing braids yourself, check out Carli Bybel’s tutorial HERE!


-Lauren Cheek