Vegatal Non-Chemical Hair Treatment & Color

Let’s just say you are a new mom (and maybe still breast feeding), have fine hair or are desperate for more shine in your hair, vegatal is the non-chemical, semi-permanent hair color solution to adding strength, body and gorgeous color to your hair.  You can try the treatment on your own with Herbatint, but honestly, The Blonde & The Brunette recommend seeking out an experienced colorist who routinely applies vegetal.  It lasts anywhere from four to six weeks. If you regularly apply it, you will notice your hair improving from the first application and gradually over the ensuing months.

I’m a hair color virgin and this has been my go to solution for years to maintain my ever so slightly enhanced natural, deep brunette tones.  I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned this before, but one of our readers, Karoline, asked us for a recommendation.  Karoline, this one’s especially for you!  And by the way I’m the mom of identical twin boys, so I’ve been through it all! Professional vegetal treatments are around $100 each at a salon (and if you are in or visiting Beverly Hills, go to Fernando at José Eber, he is the master of this technique) or try Herbatint it starts at $19.99 for an at-home application or at $53 -$109 NaturtintUSA.

– NJ, The Brunette