Weathered Signs For Interior Design


Since moving into my new place by the beach, I have been on an interior design kick the last few months. Constantly reading design magazines, organizing and re-organizing every room of my apartment, all in order to find the perfect balance of “home sweet home.”

My newest obsession comes in the form of a simple sign.

If any of you ladies are familiar with Brandy Melville, you will know precisely what signs I am talking about! That store is just littered with them! These wooden signs have the ability to add so much warmth, character and personality to a home!

Let’s not stop in the home. Whether you are decorating a home, throwing a party, getting married, or just want to give one as a gift, these vintage signs add such a whimsical and nostalgic vibe to everything they touch!

One of my favorite uses of the “wooden sign” was two years back at my sisters wedding. They had the little ring bearers walk down the isle holding a sign that said “Here comes the bride” on one side, and “Happily ever after” on the way back. I mean….Does it get any sweeter than that!?

If you are interested in customizing your own, or purchasing a timeless gift go to :

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Xx. Jadan Huter