Wick{ed} Candles

Last week, I was gifted a candle that literally made my jaw drop. You might wonder how on earth a “candle” can have that effect on someone. Look below at the exquisite pink candle I now have perched upon my kitchen table. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, it’s gorgeous, unique, and the best part, it’s one of a kind from the amazing LA-based Wick{ed} !

Wick{ed} was conceived when founders Mark and Samantha couldn’t find a candle that matched the vision they had for their wedding day. They wanted an elegant pre-dipped pillar candle which was nowhere to be found, so they made their own!

Being a big candle lover myself, I can say Wick{ed} candles are by far the best crafted candles I have even owned, not to mention they smell divine.  Wick{ed} calls their classic scent “Muse”, describing it is a breath of fresh air: Redolent of citrus trees, bergamot, sandalwood, and a touch of floral notes dripping with morning dew.  It works for me!

One last thing. Their Negative Space Collection is inspired by provocative authors of the past, and their tumultuous environments at the time of their existence. Each chosen author led a life consumed in both lightness and darkness, a continuous battle of negative vs. positive, evoking their famous memoirs. Hence, a line of nine different scents and designs, each containing a  unique “love note,” from your secret admirer.

A few last details. All their candles are hand poured in Los Angeles , made from 100% vegetable palm wax with a double cotton wick. and an environmentally clean flame. Burntimes are as high as 150 hours on large candles. Pre-dips start at $30 and  the 9 oz. Negative Space each sell for $60. Visit Wick{ed} at : 8908 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069 If you don’t live in the LA area,  they’re online at www.thewickedcandles.com  Their Valentines Day Sale is happening now! Enter promo code “BeMine” at checkout to receive a 20% discount!

Xx. Jadan Huter