Inspo: Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” Everyday Wisdom


SNL Alumna and Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler’s book, “Yes Please” came out (October 28th, to be exact).  Having been a HUGE fan of hers since Weekend Update, I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and waited by the mail to say “Yes Please”  her juicy offering of “personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. “  I was going out of town for a wedding on Friday and really wanted to have a good read for the trip.  It was the best decision I could have made.

I should add the disclaimer that I am not a big reader (who is these days?!).  I prefer to listen to my novels.  I just really respect her work and how she is a sincere feminist without being aggressive (hello, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls!).  And with chapters like “be whoever you are” and “say whatever you want” (where she literally lists reasons why you are perfect as you are), I could not put this amazing ball of positive energy down!


I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but she has celebrity guests write chapters in the book and even got her parents to write for it as well.  She did not have a ghost writer touch this, so it is a deeply personal, but not too serious memoir of a life well lived (with hopefully much more to come).  While I will say I wish she had been a little LESS self deprecating at parts (she often criticizes this book she has written as you read it), it still gets to the heart of what I love about her – honesty.

In fact, gearing up for her press tour, Amy started by being interviewed by the controversial satellite radio host, Howard Stern.  Her interview was revealing, self-deprecating, hilarious and basically all things you would expect from someone like Amy.  In the interview she lovingly dodged questions about her break up from ex-husband Will Arnett, but made sure to be comfortable talking about her career highs and lows while staying deeply in gratitude for where she is in life.


So, if you are a fan of comedy or just want a good read to make you feel awesome about yourself, run and grab this book.  I’d love to see another powerful woman in male-dominated comedy end up on the NY Times Best Seller List (just like her BFF Tina Fey did back in 2011). Say Yes to Amy.  Hardcover, Kindle and audio editions are are all available on Amazon.

Kate Gaffney