You’re Invited! Kelly Wearstler Beverly Hills Appearance Tomorrow


By some remote chance you are in Beverly Hills tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11, Neiman Marcus has invited readers of the Blonde and The Brunette to stop by and meet fashion designer Kelly Wearstler and view her latest contemporary collection when she makes a special personal appearance between 3 and 5 PM. That’s Kelly modeling her stunning blue leather motorcycle jacket. The B & B loves it paired with basic black or a deep, deep purple. We’re still picking up on that Chanel Vernis “bleu” vibe but this time Kelly beat us to the punch. Check it out on the 3rd floor in Contemporary Sportswear or if you can’t get there, online at Neiman Marcus. If you want to know more about Kelly’s fashion and interior design world check out her official store online. It’s worth a peek.

NJ, The Brunette