Chip Off The Old Block!

Got Talent?  Ralph Lauren’s nephew Greg Lauren sure does; maybe it’s in the blood.  The artist-turned-designer just launched a military-inspired new line for men and women and it looks fabulous.  Every piece is unique; a hand-crafted puzzle of gorgeous hand-sewn fabric recycled from vintage army tents, military deployment duffel bags, and vintage naval uniforms.  The line includes exquisite blazers, tuxedos, and field jackets.  Women love men in uniforms because they look powerful and these designs prove it!  Many top retailers such as Barneys, Maxfield (in LA), Blake (in Chicago), and Susan (in San Francisco) will merchandise the line right next to Lanvin and Balmain.  These pieces range from $1,875 for a jacket to $3,125 for tuxedo jackets.

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert